How Award-Winning Documentaries Impact Society

In visual storytelling, few mediums hold as much power to inspire, educate, and evoke change as award-winning documentaries. At Candesco Productions, we understand the profound impact that these films can have on society, sparking conversations, challenging perceptions, and driving positive social change.  In this blog post, we will explore the transformative influence of award-winning documentaries…
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Giovanna Aguilar Op-Ed on DEI for

Giovanna Aguilar Op-Ed on Diversity Equity and Inclusion for I am addicted to a good story. So, imagine my excitement when I received a media pass for AMC’s exhibit of “The Walking Dead” at Astoria’s Museum of the Moving Image. Enchanted by a poster of George Romero, I remembered that the godfather of the…
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Listen to Latest Episode of On Verite Podcast: Before There Was Hollywood, There Was Fort Lee

On Verite podcast interview interview with Nelson Page, President of the Barrymore Film Center, located in Fort Lee, NJ.
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Giovanna Aguilar: Latinas Are Changing the World

Giovanna Aguilar: Latinas are changing the world Interview by Carlos Arana for La Guia Cultural Get 25% OFF in the month of May on Enjoy & Live’s Skincare at Shop LOHAS World. Discount Code: LOHASMOM The Cultural Guide has always been willing to support Latin talent works in the creative fields. On this occasion, it…
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New Venture into Clean Conscious Market with Shop LOHAS World

WHAT IS CLEAN CONSCIOUS LIVING? You’ve probably seen the term peppered across advertisements promoting a brand’s commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable practices and the efficacy of the natural ingredients in its products.   Conscious living is really about embracing a lifestyle that considers the well-being of our planet in our daily routines of physical and mental…
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S2: E:4 On Verite with Award-Winning Filmmaker Todd Tue on His Doc When It Breaks

Will Konrad Wert Avoid Becoming Another Victim of Teacher Burnout? When It Breaks is available for sales and rental via Follow on Twitter @WhenItBreaks. Award-winning filmmaker Todd Tue talks about his documentary, the inspiring journey of Konrad, who steps away from his classroom in Texas to pursue music under his stage name, Possessed by…
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