S2: E:4 On Verite with Award-Winning Filmmaker Todd Tue on His Doc When It Breaks

Will Konrad Wert Avoid Becoming Another Victim of Teacher Burnout?

Award-winning filmmaker Todd Tue who talks about his documentary, the inspiring journey of Konrad who steps away from his classroom in Texas to pursue his musical side as a career under his stage name, Possessed by Paul James. Konrad tours the country with his family to engage teachers, parents, and audiences in a conversation about the current state of special education in public schools. As opportunities arise, Konrad must decide how his service is most effective- as an advocating artist or as a teacher in the classroom.


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Running Time: 38:-07

Time Codes:

Intro: 00:55 – 00:1:25

1:30 –Todd Tue finding his inspiration in teacher- musician with Konrad Wert’s for the documentary ‘When It Breaks’

6:10 – Getting Konrad’s wife, Jenny, to sign off on the film

6:55 – Filmmaker POV on Konrad the musician touring the country and talking to his audiences about the challenges in the public school system, and more specifically special needs education

8:45 – Following Konrad from a dad POV

9:45 – Following Konrad as an audience member and hearing from him what is going on in public school education

11:00 –Konrad at crossroads, making more money as a musician

12:40 –Konrad the musician

13:40 –Konrad leaving the classroom and his teacher side on tour

15:30 – Takeaways and challenges in the film about public school education.

17:45 – Filmmaker’s opinion on why teachers should be paid more

23:00 –The producing and creative process

25:00 –Cameras, equipment and skeleton crew

28:30 –Audio when shooting verité

29:15 – Editing on Premiere and editors

32:00 – Producing lessons learned

33:30 – Funding and sponsors of  ‘When It Breaks’

35:45 – What is on the horizon for filmmaker Todd Tue?