S2: E:4 On Verite with Award-Winning Filmmaker Todd Tue on His Doc When It Breaks

Will Konrad Wert Avoid Becoming Another Victim of Teacher Burnout?

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When It Breaks is available for sales and rental via Reelhouse.org. Follow on Twitter @WhenItBreaks.

Award-winning filmmaker Todd Tue talks about his documentary, the inspiring journey of Konrad, who steps away from his classroom in Texas to pursue music under his stage name, Possessed by Paul James.

Konrad tours the country with his family to engage teachers, parents, and audiences in a conversation about the current state of special education in public schools. As opportunities arise, Konrad must decide how his service is most effective- as an advocating artist or as a teacher in the classroom.




Running Time: 38:-07

Time Codes:

Intro: 00:55 - 00:1:25

1:30 –Todd Tue finding his inspiration in teacher- musician with Konrad Wert’s for the documentary ‘When It Breaks’

6:10 – Getting Konrad’s wife, Jenny, to sign off on the film

6:55 – Filmmaker POV on Konrad the musician touring the country and talking to his audiences about the challenges in the public school system, and more specifically special needs education

8:45 – Following Konrad from a dad POV

9:45 – Following Konrad as an audience member and hearing from him what is going on in public school education

11:00 –Konrad at crossroads, making more money as a musician

12:40 –Konrad the musician

13:40 –Konrad leaving the classroom and his teacher side on tour

15:30 – Takeaways and challenges in the film about public school education.

17:45 – Filmmaker’s opinion on why teachers should be paid more

23:00 –The producing and creative process

25:00 –Cameras, equipment and skeleton crew

28:30 –Audio when shooting verité

29:15 – Editing on Premiere and editors

32:00 – Producing lessons learned

33:30 – Funding and sponsors of  ‘When It Breaks’

35:45 – What is on the horizon for filmmaker Todd Tue?

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