Movie Fans of the Apollo Space Program – Join Our Mission

Check out the latest video of the documentary When We Were Apollo by Director Zach Weil.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to work on the Apollo missions? When We Were Apollo will take you back to a time when hundreds of thousands of people, from all parts of the USA, came together to put a man on the moon.

Follow our journey as we – the filmmakers – bring you stories about “the spirit of Apollo – that belief that we can do big things regardless of what stands in our way is still with us. And we want to make sure it continues on, as we chart a course forward. It’s our deepest hope through this film, and beyond that, we will always endeavor to do the big things, especially when times are hard, because they push us to become the best versions of ourselves. On behalf of the production team, Thank You for support this film and for all the ways you embody the spirit of Apollo in your daily life. See you out there.” – Zach Weil

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