EPIC Women IN Sports


EPIC – Women in Sports – Not Just Like One of the Guys


Log line:

Adrenaline, passion and courage drive her heroic feats in the sport.

Every female athlete has a story that while echoing the struggles of women in sports –  securing equal pay and market value along the lines of male athletes in their respective fields –  is paved by her individual journey.

EPIC is a docu-series narrating the individual stories of professional athletes’ palpable passion for their sport and layered within the context of the personal-family dynamic that, at times, can prove to be as challenging as it is nurturing. And, no matter the wins or falls, each woman must step forward firmly, either alone in the ring or with her teammates on the field, as she strives to secure the performance numbers driving the critical conversations among sponsors, sports commentators and fans alike.


Director | Writer | Producer: Giovanna Aguilar 

Producer: Octavio Seguera

In his own words…

For over the course on 15 years, I’ve been able to develop a career as a sports journalist that, has taken me from a junior writer in 2003 to a Senior Editor of some of the most prestigious media outlets around the world, such as : ESPN Deportes Miami and most recently Major League Soccer.

During this time I’ve also been able to build a remarkable network with Senior Editors, Producers and Managers, from high ranking companies like Miami Herald, NBC Telemundo and Univision Deportes.

As part of my career I’ve had the opportunity to cover some of the most prestigious events, such as; MLB World Series, NBA Finals, NCAA National Championship, NHL Stanley Cup, FIFA World Cup, NFL SuperBowls and many other.