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HourGlass Time to Talk is a dynamic podcast sharing the artist’s journey with personal stories that define not just the work but also what has shaped the person’s humanity. From the stage to the silver screen to the recording to the writer’s keyboard, HourGlass celebrates the artist’s voice across all mediums.

HourGlass is an original production hosted by creators and producers Maria Torres and Giovanna Aguilar.

Promos and Full Episodes

PROMO of OYF!: Grammy winners Emilio and Gloria Estefan discuss their journey and hit Broadway musical On Your Feet! with the show’s associate choreographer Maria Torres.
PROMO: Theater and Voiceover artist Sylvia Roldan Dohi shares what it was like “dancing for Jesus” when she stepped out by alone to a captive audience during a performance of Miss Saignon.
PROMO: Host Maria Torres shares the mishaps of dancing for a live, Broadway audience in what was one of her best performance exits.


HG Launch Full Episode: Maria Torres shares HG’s mission and stories of working as a choreographer on TV, Film and Broadway. 
Promo of Ep 1: Maria Torres shares what it was like growing up in Brooklyn when very few ethic families lived in her neighborhood.



Giovanna Aguilar and Maria Torres would like to give a special thanks to all who made On Your Feet Full Access possible: Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Jerry Mitchell, the Nederlander Organization, the Marquis Theater, Christina Boursiquot and Mandy Tate from the Charlotte Wilcox Company.

In addition, we are very grateful to Elka Samuels Smith of Divine Rhythm Productions and our Grammy-nominated musician/composer, Roman Rojas, who were on location assisting with these recordings.



Full episode: Maria Torres has a conversation with Gloria and Emilio Estefan about On Your Feet!, their Latin roots, and their contributions to Latin and American music.
Full episode: Maria Torres interviews Tony-winner and On Your Feet! director Jerry Mitchell.
Full Episode: Maria Torres interviews her colleague and On Your Feet’s! choreographer Sergio Trujillo

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Full Episode: Giovanna Aguilar habla con Emilio y Gloria Estefan sobre su exitoso musical OYF!
Full Episode: Giovanna Aguilar conversa con Sergio Trujillo, el coreografo de OYF! sobre su exitos.

Recording Studio: Madpan Productions

Music Theme and Sound Mix: Roman Rojas

Sound Engineering: Peter Scozzari

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