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How Talent in the Creative Space Can Cope with Unemployment Now

  The coronavirus pandemic has led to the highest unemployment insurance claims in the United States since 1967, totaling 3.28 million persons as of March 21, 2020. The three states with the largest number of one-week surges, and they are: Pennsylvania at 363.5 K, Ohio at 180.7 K and New Jersey at 147.0 K. With the number of unemployed growing during the crisis, I am invested in sharing insight from hiring professionals, business owners and thought leaders on how we can keep positive, productive and prepare

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Get the Gould on Tax and Wealth Management Planning

Tips for Consultants, Entreprenuers and Small Business Owners As a former banker and financial services professional who is now a multimedia content creator (director, producer and writer) and has the luxury of working with incredible talent and service professionals from so many different industries, many of whom are contractors or freelancers, I appreciate the value in education. Whether it’s about saving on taxes for retirement or knowing how to tell a story that builds audiences, these professionals have insight to share about what they do that

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